Need Directions?

In Canada, take Hwy 1 along the coast of New Brunswick to Rte. 176 (exit 60) then down to Blacks Harbour. Exit 60 is about 35 minutes east of Saint Stephens NB / Calais ME or about 45 minutes west of Saint John NB.
People from the USA will generally travel up I-95 to Bangor in Maine, then east on Rte. 9 to Calais. Cross the border (you will need your passport or similar acceptable id) and go east on Hwy 1 about 35 minutes to the Blacks Harbour exit 60. The drive is 10 km or 6 miles on Rte. 176 to the ferry wharf at the very end of the road.
From the North Head ferry dock you turn left on Route 776 drive 6 KM to Bancroft Point Rd. then turn left.

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